About Us

Hi ~ I'm so glad you're here

When I was little, my mother would make wonderful hand knit items. She shared her talent, taught me to knit and appreciate the feel and texture of wonderful yarns.

She now has glaucoma, an eye disease, and is no longer able to knit, but I have been inspired by the warm memories of her hand knit items.

I believe there is value in creating something made by hand. A handmade item carries within it the energy of the maker and imprints a piece of the artist’s soul.

May the wearers of these hand knit pieces feel the peace and love put into every stitch of
their creation. For me this is soul satisfying work and I feel fortunate to share it with you!

I am a country girl that appreciates the beauty of nature, and all the colors and textures that can be incorporated into hand knit pieces.

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