Who’s the girl in front of the camera?

You see all the photos with the model wearing the cute hand knit hat or scarf, do you ever wonder, what’s her life really like?  I’d like to introduce you to the girl in front of the camera wearing all the Knit One Too cozy knitwear.



Her name is Allie, she’s been on more life adventures than most college students and logged more miles around the world than many CEO’s. She is currently attending school at Western Washington University, while also working a on campus job and working for Knit One Too, helping to fuel her adventure fund.


During the 2 years she should have been in Middle School, Allie sailed the Pacific Rim with her parents and sea loving cat, Princess. They left Puget Sound, sailed south to Mexico, then west to the Marquesas Islands, Tuamotus and on to Tahiti. Allie spent a month waiting out the hurricanes in Tahiti and another month in Hawaii before heading home to the Pacific Northwest to begin high school.


Since that trip Allie’s adventurous side has been sparked, talking to her about her future plans and random adventures that she can fit into her busy schedule, you know that there is no stopping her from seeing the world.


This last Spring of 2016, Allie traded her spring term at the University for a 4 week road trip, taking time to stop and hike in California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana, then hopped on a plane and headed to Thailand for a month and a half.


To catch back up with classes and replenish her adventure fund, she attended summer school and went back to work for the summer. But of course she still managed to fit in some ‘small’ adventures this summer before heading back for her final year of college.

This past week she just got back from spending a week hiking the 60-mile Hurricane Ridge trail in the Olympic National forest.


Now after reading all of that, would you believe that she will be graduating with a degree in Finance/Accounting.  Some day, the women that may be doing your taxes could be the same girl that modeled your favorite hand knit cowl.


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  • Kate Gosling

    Love it! Thanks for sharing because I WAS wondering. <3

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